Pesto Street Quesadilla

whatcha need:

  • corn tortillas

  • your preferred pesto

  • handful of shrimp

  • vegan mozzarella or non vegan mozzarella

  • olive oil

  • optional: hot sauce, salsa

whatcha do:

  • start by defrosting your shrimp you are using frozen… peel your shrimp

  • warm some evoo in a pan then add your shrimp.

  • cook for 1-2 minutes per side or until they are perfectly pink

  • remove shrimp from heat and chop to bits

  • prepare your preferred pesto… if your preferred pesto come in a jar………open the jar (you lazy bum, pesto is NOT that hard to make) anyway….

  • in the same pan you cooked your shrimp, you might need a tiny drizzle of olive oil, place 1 flowered tortilla in the center with, cover the top evenly with mozzarella

  • when the cheese starts to melt, sprinkle a few bits of shrimp

  • take a dab of pesto, spread it all over one time of a corn tortilla(Not the one currently in the pan) and place pesto tortilla, pesto side down, on the other tortilla

  • its probably time to flip your tort

  • keep in the pan until you can’t easily separate the tortillas - this means the cheese is nice and melty

  • remove from heat and plate. I like mine with a lil tabasco and a dollop of salsa :)